Business Administration

Faculty of Administrative and Accounting Sciences

Accredited Career by the ANEAES

Res. N° 486/2019
Validity: from 20/11/2019 to 10/19/2024

Business Administration is a social science that studies the organization of companies and how resources, processes and results of their activities are managed. The student will achieve a solid formation framed in a disciplinary and scientific context of Business Administration and all its components such as leadership, administrative processes, finance, human resources, production systems, entrepreneurship, among others. Through an integral formation as a professional, it will have the capacity of analysis and decision making to assume the challenges and challenges of the sector, in the globalized world of today. The career of Business Administration of the Faculty of Administrative and Accounting Sciences focuses on the general competitive training of its students, so that they fulfill the administrative functions of planning, organization, direction and control of organizations, exercising leadership in companies to compete in the national and international environment.