Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences

Career Accredited by ANEAES

Res. N° 105/2015
Certificado de Acreditación
Validity: from 05/18/2015 to 05/18/2020

The Faculty of Law of the Universidad Privada del Este , based in Ciudad Pte. Franco, historically the mother city of the Department of Alto Paraná, Eastern Zone of Paraguay, city located on the murmurous and great Paraná River, an institution that almost 5 years of its foundation is now a traditional institution of teaching of the Legal, Social and Political Sciences and due to a proficua and uninterrupted academic work carried out in the last 10 years to today, in May 2015 has been rated as CARRERA ACREDITADA by the ANEAES , (NATIONAL AGENCY OF EVALUATION AND ACCREDITATION of HIGHER EDUCATION) thus giving our house high studies the corresponding certification the necessary aptitude to carry out the delicate process of TEACHING-LEARNING of the Right for young people of this zone of Paraguay.

In this very brief preliminary information, we want to remind those who are already studying and those who will want to study in this institution, that this School is historically, since its foundation, has very good records Academics: