Faculty of Administrative and Accounting Sciences

Professional exercise in dependency relationship:
In the private sector: In commercial, industrial, agricultural, service, financial, banking, insurance, currency exchange, general warehouse, cooperative, etc. companies.
In the public sector: - Administrator of collecting offices.

  • Headquarters of government audit offices, comptrollers or attached to said offices.
  • Tax auditor in charge of the collection offices with the task of verifying taxpayers compliance with tax laws.
  • Headquarters of data processing centers.

Independent professional practice Audit services - Review of financial statements.

  • Examination of intermediate accounting information.
  • Examination of supplementary financial information.
  • Review of business management (management or operational audit).
  • Project exam.
  • Investigations on special accounts.

Accounting Consulting Services - Planning and design of accounting systems.

  • Advice on the implementation of accounting systems.
  • Maintenance of accounting systems and internal control.
  • Attention to queries on accounting problems.
  • Advice on the preparation of management reports.
  • Training of personnel in the accounting area.
  • Assistance in the preparation of analysis or reconciliation of accounts.

Accounting services for small businesses - Record keeping and financial statement preparation.

  • Formulation of intermediate accounting information and other information intended for internal use.

Tax consulting services - General consulting in the tax area, including labor and social security regime.

  • Consultancy on specific problems faced by the client.
  • Consulting continues through periodic visit plans.
  • Pre and final review of the year in order to help the correct determination of tax charges.
  • Preparation of individual tax returns.
  • Tax audit, in order to issue an opinion on the reasonable application of tax laws.